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Logic Hyper Link Systems Sdn Bhd recognizes the importance of providing superior maintenance and support service towards our customers. Maintenance and support are critical factors in users satisfaction with a system and is a significant feature of a quality product.

For Logic Hyper Link Systems, support and maintenance are proactive activities. It is not sufficient to simply react when the user reports a problem. Preventive maintenance is practiced on all aspects of the system - not only hardware, but software, procedures and people. Logic Hyper Link Systems will maintain a continuous dialogue with the user organization to ensure that not only are problem solved, but also that minor concerns and potential problems are resolved early.

The successful Application upgrade, hardware, and software of Logic Hyper Link Systems computerization plan is dependent upon a well-structured support strategy.

Our overall Project Management Team is attached. Integration is the most important aspect of the project. A smooth coordination between team members is crucial. This comes from DBORA Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd, and any third party supplier. As for the support it consists of :-

  • Pre-installation support
  • Post-installation support

Pre-Installation Support, and Hardware & Software Upgrade

Logic Hyper Link Systems alongside DBORA Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd is committed to make this customer project a success and as such has geared a project team specially to handle the implementation activities of this project. This project is structured to coordinate and handle the installation, testing, commissioning and training activities related to this project. Once these activities are completed satisfactorily, the support and maintenance plan outlined in this proposal will be in effect.

The Project team members will consist of consultants from Logic Hyper Link Systems and DBORA Consulting (M) Sdn Bhd.

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