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Similar with hardware, the software installation process may be divided into three stages: before, during and after. The details are described below:

  • Before Installation
  • Pre-installation meeting
  • During Installation

Discussion of the implementation of the various upgrade software components will take place. This will be the Operating System and Networking Protocol. The implementation will be staggered in different phases so as to help customer to have a smooth and successful implementation of the proposed system. The activity for the Operating system would consist of the following:

Detailed configuration, customization and testing of the Operating System (OS) and subsystem.
Demonstration and hands-on for customer on how to manage the OS and subsystems will be performed. They include:

  • shutdown/bootup procedure
  • logging in/out
  • fundamentals of ‘shells’
  • backup/retrievals of files and printer management
  • processes management
  • electronic mail (elm)
  • ‘vi’ editor
  • system configurations

After Upgrade

Once the OS and all subsystems have been installed, a post-Installation meeting will be conducted. On-going support for the software will commence at this point.

Supporting the software leader will be a team of specialist specializing in the various applications.

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