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Logic Hyper Link System helps fit your existing technology to your business processes and problems, as well as identify your needs to successfully steer your organization in the right direction towards business success through our services and solutions. From initial strategic planning to rapid implementation of projects, consulting, outsourcing, support and training, LongBridge offers a one-stop service center for all your ICT needs.

We differentiate our services from others by ensuring that these services are delivered to address the problem of skills deficit and other critical issues that are being faced by the ICT industry today.

We offer the following services:

Software Design and Development of client/server, n-tier web-based applications, and enterprise portals:

Design & Development of client/server and web-based applications using Developer 6i or 9iDeveloper Suite (9iDS) toolset;
Web-enablement of client/server applications using Developer 6i or 9iDeveloper Suite toolset;
Upgrade & Conversion of Developer 2000 to Developer 6i / 9iDeveloper Suite modules;
Design & Development of web-based applications using J2EE and 9iAS technologies, ie, JavaServer Pages, PL/SQL Server Pages, Servlets, EJB, BC4J, OC4J, 9iAS;
Design & Development of web-based applications using Microsoft and XML technology;
Design & Development of enterprise portals using J2EE and 9iAS Portal; and
Design & Development of Corporate Websites.

Software Architecture Review, Audit and Application Performance Tuning:

Review and audit of current application architecture, database & application design, with special emphasis on performance; and

Performing application tuning analysis and providing general guidelines for performance improvement, both for client/server and web-based architectures.

Systems Integration, Data Conversion & Migration:

Replication and integration between Oracle and non-Oracle databases; and
Undertake Data Conversion and Migration exercises.

Database & Application-specific Training:

Conducting On-Site Generic and Customized Oracle 8i/9i Database & Application-specific courses;
Advanced SQL, PL/SQL, Optimization & Application Performance Tuning courses;
Best Practices & Approach for application development, covering Developer 6i, 9iDS, J2EE, XML and Portal technologies.
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