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The hardware upgrade installation support process can be divided into three stages: before, during and after. The main activities for each stage are described in more details below:

Before Installation

The site survey and site preparation must first be performed. A detailed description of the site is covered. Before the actual installation takes place, there will be a pre-installation meeting. This meeting would involve the Logic Hyper Link System's Project Team (Project Manager with representative from Hardware, Software and Sales divisions) to sit down with the customer’s Project Team to discuss activities involved during the installation process of hardware and software. The proposed schedule is discussed and any resources needed from the customer will also be formalized. This meeting usually takes place at least 1 week prior to the installation.

Logic Hyper Link Systems will then manage the delivery of the hardware, software and its installation in the following manner:

During Upgrade

A Customer Engineer installs the hardware components and the software (Operating System and subsystem). The equipment (tape drives, printers, terminals, etc.) are then tested for working condition. The customer engineer will also do some basic configurations of the system and will demonstrate on the operation of the hardware components (printers, tape drives terminals, and CPU) to the customer.

After Upgrade

Once all the equipment and system software has been installed, there will be a post-installation meeting. Logic Hyper Link System's Project Team and the customer project team will discuss the activities that took place during the installation process. The system setup will be explained to the customer, and all queries regarding the system will be discussed.

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