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Logic Hyper Link System offers the following database consultancy services:

Logic Hyper *TPM

Total Performance Management (TPM) is a unique tuning methodology that addresses performance issues with Oracle based system. TPM focuses on the entire process of performance management in addition to the technical aspects of each computing subsystem (Hardware, operating system, Oracle RDBMS, Network and application system) and their combined interaction. Total Performance Management is holistic because problems are attacked from multiple fronts.
  • Understanding Logic Hyper's holistic tuning methodology (TPM)
  • How to approach a tuning task?
  • Analyzing Unix and Oracle performance statistics
  • Detecting operating system contentions
  • Detecting Oracle database contentions
  • Analyzing Oracle’s SQL Trace statistics
  • Developing a tuning strategy
Logic Hyper * Tuning

Tuning the ORACLE database is not an easy task if you don’t have a good understanding of the ORACLE server architecture and a good tuning methodology. With its vast experience in the field of database tuning, Logic Hyper can assist you to get the maximum performance out of your ORACLE database.
  • Review current performance status
  • Produce detail performance investigation report
  • Formulate performance-tuning strategy
  • Assist in implementing tuning strategy
  • High level of skills transfer
  • Formulate a proactive performance maintenance plan
Logic Hyper*ReOrg

Databases experience fragmentation at the block, index and extent level. There is no way to avoid this problem as long as you continue to add, update and delete records in your database. The long-term consequences of fragmentation are excessive space usage, increased response time for the end user and reporting, slow database backups and overall system inefficiency. Logic Hyper database reorganization service provides the following:
  • Shrink and rightsize tables and indexes
  • Reorder rows by index or column
  • Strip data onto multiple disks
  • Relocate objects to a different tablespace
  • Supports 24x365 environments – Online Reorg
  • It is fast
Logic Hyper*HealthCheck

This service focuses on the entire process of database management in addition to the technical aspects of each computing subsystem (Hardware, operating system, Oracle system, Network and application system) and their combined interaction.
  • Preliminary discussions and system study- Audit
  • Database and system statistics collection program/utility set-up
  • Write Healthcheck and optimization investigation report
  • Technical review on findings & recommendations (Skills transfer)
Logic Hyper*Migration

Database, data, version or platform migration activities are major tasks requiring thorough planning. Though ORACLE provides several options for migration, Logic Hyper will design and formulate a strategy unique to your environment to ensure a smooth migration that meets your business requirements:
  • Plan and Design migration strategy
  • Formulate detail activity task
  • Build contingency plan
  • Migrate with performance
  • Integrate available technology
Logic Hyper*Brs

In every database system, the possibility of a system or hardware failure always exists. There are many types of backup utilities that are available with ORACLE, and there are many ways of performing backup and recovery for ORACLE. There is no single correct method. Logic Hyper has a proven implementation experience to study, design, test and implement a comprehensive backup/disaster recovery solution with emphasis on total business recovery.
  • ORACLE Computing Environment Study
    - A holistic study to formulate backup/disaster recovery design
  • ORACLE Backup/disaster recovery Implementation
    - Actual implementation of the backup/disaster recovery design
    - Develop/Integrate supporting structure
    - Provide Customized documentation
Logic Hyper*Admin

The ORACLE server is feature-rich and if fully taken advantage of, offers many tangible benefits to its user. Logic Hyper helps you exploit these features by setting up well-tested procedures and processes for efficient database management, which includes day-to-day operations, pro-active database monitoring, user, and security and audit management.
  • Ensure best practices are deployed
  • Implement pro-active database and operations management
  • Assist in Problem management procedures
Logic Hyper*TechSupport

Logic Hyper Technical Support Service program provides end-user telephone support for resolving questions and problems related to the Oracle Database. Logic Hyper technical support analysts are trained in problem analysis to take a focussed approach to solving critical and time-sensitive issues. This service is purchased on an annual basis at very attractive rates.
  • Provide telephone technical support
  • Log and track all calls until resolution
  • Problem prioritization based on problem severity
  • A strong commitment to resolving Severity 1 problems with onsite support
  • Provide basic technology consultation
  • Initial database HealthCheck
  • Quarterly System HealthCheck revie
Oracle Technical Support Service program is not an Oracle Software Maintenance program nor it is intended to replace the Oracle software maintenance-licensing program, rather it complements it. The service is designed to work together with Oracle support maintenance program.
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